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During our first consultation, I ask lots of questions to gain a holistic understanding of what is going on in your body and your life. We discuss your goals, go through your food diary analysis, look at any pathology testing and answer any of your queries to create a thorough and personalised treatment plan. This will be emailed to you after our session and includes nutrient-dense food recommendations, lifestyle guidance, easy recipe ideas and healthy food brands to choose for you/baby. I prescribe practitioner only, high quality supplements when necessary as I like to utilise a food as medicine philosophy. An initial consultation is one hour while a follow up is thirty minutes, and all are conducted via Zoom/FaceTime, or phone call.

preconception consultation

Preconception care considers health, lifestyle and environmental issues that could affect your chances of conceiving, and a healthy baby at that. My aim is to improve both partners (yes, the male is 50% of the equation!) general health to improve outcomes at conception. Therefore, our consultation will discuss; improving nutrition and diet, detoxification, treatment of any infection, avoidance of toxins and pollutants, treatment of health conditions and allergies, exercise and stress control, and timing techniques to use fresh, healthy sperm and eggs. It takes 90-120 days for sperm to generate and eggs to mature, so preconception recommendations are best started 3-6 months before trying to conceive. Preconception care benefits prospective parents, the growing baby and even the health of subsequent generations may be influenced! I offer these consults with either one or both prospective parents.


pregnancy consultation

How we eat and what we do during pregnancy has the potential to shape our little one’s future, something which is referred to as ‘fetal programming’. A mother and her baby’s needs change throughout pregnancy, at different stages we are actually building someone’s brain, or their skeletal system, and it makes complete sense that the health of the mother has a huge impact on the health of her baby, yet nutrition throughout pregnancy is rarely given importance. Often it can go the other way with the notion that you can consume whatever you like as you are ‘eating for two’. While it can be difficult in the first trimester to eat well, the great work of preconception care supports you through, and you still have two more trimesters to focus on robust health! These sessions can help support you with any food aversions, cravings, discusses the differing requirements in each trimester, helps you navigate blood tests, we talk about the importance of minerals like iron, and offer solutions to digestive complaints as well as much more too long to list here! 


postpartum consultation

After birth, the new mother is healing physically, creating nourishing milk for baby, experiencing wild hormone shifts, battling sleep disturbances and tending to the needs of another human. It is an overwhelming time and our needs often take a back seat. A mother’s nutritional needs during lactation are higher than at any other stage during her life, she is growing a baby at an exponential rate! There are many things that can help with mood, relaxation and sleep, and much of this is impacted by what we are feeding our body. I can help to provide support around healthy quick recipes, the most nutritious food options during this life stage, self-care tactics and lifestyle advice to keep post-natal depletion at bay. 


baby consultation

I find that one of the things parents struggle with the most is what/when/how much to feed their baby. We have the opportunity to influence our child’s health now and into the future through the food we give them and the behaviour we model around eating. Starting solids is an exciting journey but it can be overwhelming! My food recommendations for bub involve nutrient dense, flavourful foods, presented in a calm manner, and I love a mix of purees and baby led weaning. I can help with recipe ideas, feeding bub on the run, getting in extra nutrients, how many meals at what age, creating positive food habits and more. If you are further along in baby’s food journey, this consultation can help to work through digestive complaints like constipation, skin issues like eczema, food refusal, or meal ideas/healthy food brands for your toddler.


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